İstanbul Airport Transfer Service

Professional Drivers, Premium Cars, Transparent Costs, No Extra Charges.

The airport transfer service is constantly growing in popularity and is often the best way to travel longer distances than an Uber or regular taxi. In this article, we will talk about a travel service that is becoming more and more popular with both leisure and business travelers: it is actually an airport transfer service known by different names. Names may vary depending on country and language.
More than once during your travels, you have probably come across drivers, each holding a sign with a name on it, waiting for their customers in the airport arrivals hall. Also, we would probably like to tell you what are the main advantages of using this mode of transport over taxis or Uber.  They have advantages such as where you can book a similar service and whether the price range fits any traveler's budget or only for "business" or "first class" travelers.

What is Airport Transfer?

Let's first look at what an airport transfer really is as defined by the modern travel industry: We will do this by trying to use simple words and easy-to-understand examples, leaving aside all the technical, bureaucratic and legal aspects that govern this important transportation. In a few words, from the perspective of an ordinary traveler using this service, airport transfers are similar to regular car rentals, but with the big difference that in addition to the vehicle, the customer also hires a driver for the vehicle they “rent".
So, let's see in more detail where to book airport transfers, how to use this service, and why you prefer it over other means of transport such as taxis, Uber or even public transport.

The first step required to use the airport transfer service is, of course, to make a reservation through a website. In fact, unlike taxis or other shuttle services, you cannot keep an airport transfer vehicle in place once, or many of the advantages of using this mode of transportation can simply vanish, especially with regard to transportation cost and guaranteed availability. There are numerous agencies, reservation centers and local operators that provide a website specifically designed for airport transfers. However, the rules or "terms and conditions" differ from operator to operator: for example, some agents may require a prepayment of the trip even if you book months in advance, while others may accept more convenient payments directly to the driver. Likewise, we should note that airport transfer companies offer transfers in the opposite direction, especially from your hotel or apartment to the airport, but also from train stations and cruise ports, making full use of all other transfers.

Airport Transfer

Now that you know what an airport transfer service is and how to book one, you may wonder why you would use airport transfers and why bother to book one, if somewhere you can take a taxi, call Uber, take a shared shuttle or use public transport. Well, let's see what are the main advantages of airport transfers over other modes of transport and why once you try it, you can never travel without it again.
Your driver will wait for you in the arrivals hall. Once you've packed your luggage, perhaps big and heavy, you won't have to wander around the airport to look for a taxi stand and wait in the (usually long) line to get in a vehicle. Even better, you won't have to search for the bus or train station, wait in the ticket queue, and walk with your luggage to the departure point. Also, in case of flight delay, the driver will wait for you at no additional charge, as all flights are constantly checked. You can leave the airport and visit the city in the easiest way possible.