Passenger Transport Agreement


This Passenger Carriage and Service Agreement is drawn up between '''' and the passengers who make a reservation on and/or on whose behalf a reservation is made (hereinafter referred to as the "Passenger").
Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement," and Passenger shall be referred to as "Party" separately and together as "Parties".
With this Agreement, the Parties; For airport transfers within the borders of the Türkiye, before and after the flight, the transfer service purchased by the passengers in the airport-address or address-airport directions is provided with the specified vehicles and this service is collected by the " for the determined price, within the framework of the terms of the following Contract" they have provided.
3- Service and Payment Information
3.1. The contract price is stated in the service details including tax.
3.2. I accept that all fees for the transfer service I have received and/or will receive under this Agreement will be charged by the with my credit card, which I will enter on the IYZICO screen, and I authorize to make the credit card withdrawal in this regard.
3.3. Invoicing period for service purchased V.U.K. 7 days, including the date of purchase, provided that the month is not skipped.
4- General provisions
4.1 The Passenger has to act in accordance with all kinds of legislation, especially the Highway Traffic Law, and within the framework of the legislation, it is obligatory to act in accordance with all kinds of rules such as wearing a seat belt as required and complying with the safety rules in the vehicle.
4.2 When the passenger receives the transfer service with a credit or debit card, even if the user has not signed the service contract, she accepted the written terms of the relevant contract.
In order to benefit from the transfer service subject to this Agreement, the passenger must have made a reservation at least 4 hours before the transfer time. On religious and national holidays, New Year's Eve and other public holidays, the reservation must be made at least 48 hours before the transfer time. Reservation can be canceled by the Passenger up to 48 hours before the transfer time. In this case, the Passenger will be refunded for the service fee received. No refunds will be made for cancellations made outside of the specified times.
4.4 In all travel services, the Passenger is not authorized to change the route. Requests for the Passenger to stop at a different location between the designated route and to wait for a while at this location are not accepted. In VIP transfer service, different point requests other than the route(s) specified in the contract are charged for each different point.
4.5, for the transfer service with all evaluation authority belonging to itself; The passenger has to allocate a vehicle suitable for the number of passengers and baggage volume determined at the time of purchasing the transfer service. accepts and undertakes that all vehicles to be allocated to the service subject to this Agreement will be fully insured for personal accident and seat, that the periodic maintenance of the vehicles will be done within their period, and that materials such as the mandatory spare wheel, first aid material, fire extinguisher, reflector will be available in the vehicle. will not be responsible for any traffic accident or other reason that may occur during the transfer, if the customer suffers bodily or material damage or if the transported goods are damaged. In such a case, the customer irrevocably agrees and declares that will not have any responsibility arising from Article 66 of the Code of Obligations and other provisions of the legislation.
4.6 Except for the acceptance of the passenger and baggage information submitted by the passenger at the time of purchase, by the, passengers or baggage exceeding the limits accepted by the cannot be accepted into the vehicle. If the passenger gives up the transfer service for this reason, the fee cannot be refunded.
4.7 If necessary, it is obliged to certify that it is the customer who purchases the service to the vehicle personnel who will transfer passengers, with the identity documents issued by the legal authorities and the reservation document. The customer who does not fulfill this obligation will not be transferred. However, may make the Passenger use this service if it is satisfied that the holder of the credit card with which the reservation is made has given consent for the Passenger to receive this service.
4.8 is not responsible for the loss or damage of any items left in the vehicle by the customer during the transfer. In such a case, the Passenger should contact the call center and, if the forgotten item is found, should pick it up at the address provided.
4.9 In transfer vehicles, bags, chests, parcels, etc. can be used as luggage. she does not accept. The passenger has a maximum baggage allowance of 1 handbag and 1 suitcase (handbag weighs 8 kg, the accompanying suitcase must not exceed 32 kg) per person. The passenger accepts, undertakes and declares that there is no flammable, combustible, explosive, narcotic, fluid, odorous, radioactive substance in the baggage subject to the transfer and that is prohibited to be carried or kept by the Türkiye legislation. If the presence of the items listed in the baggage is noticed by the driver, the baggage in question will not be accepted into the vehicle. In addition, in these cases, the passenger may not claim any receivables or claims against under any name. in luggage; In case the presence of the above-mentioned substances is noticed, the situation will be immediately reported to the competent authorities by The presence of the listed substances is not noticed by the driver; if the vehicle is detected by law enforcement officers stopping and searching during the transfer; Any damages and losses incurred by and/or any person for this reason shall be covered immediately by the passenger in cash and in full.
4.10 In our transfer vehicles, pet transfers are made in a secure cage so as not to disturb other passengers, by giving prior information at the time of booking. Only cats, dogs and small songbirds are transported as pets.

The cage dimensions should be a maximum of 23*40*55.
4.11 Passenger information
4.11.1 The reservation information or preliminary information regarding the service received by the passenger will be shared via e-mail and/or SMS. The responsibility for the accuracy of the telephone and e-mail information given by the passenger belongs to him. cannot be held responsible if the said contact information is incorrect and the information cannot reach the Passenger.
4.11.2 In shared transfers purchased, the estimated pick-up time will be shared with the passenger via e-mail and/or SMS 12 hours before the transfer. In VIP service, service will be provided according to the pick-up and drop-off time determined by the passenger himself.
4.12 In transfers from a certain point to the airport; declares and undertakes that the vehicle allocated for the transfer will be located at the designated point at the transfer time. The Passenger is notified by e-mail and SMS prior to the determined transfer date and time. As of the transfer time notified to the Passenger, the transfer vehicle may experience any extraordinary situation, unexpected situation, force majeure, flood, hail, rain, traffic jam, etc. A delay of 20 (twenty) minutes will be considered a reasonable delay, except for reasons. In transfer points such as site, mass housing; is not responsible for exceeding the 20 (twenty) minute delay due to the security guards' blocking of the vehicle's access to the site. If 20 (twenty) minutes are exceeded in this way and the Passenger does not wait for the vehicle, no refund will be made. Passengers must be present with their luggage at the designated point at the transfer time. If the passenger is not present at the transfer point at the transfer time, the vehicle allocated to the is obliged to wait for the passenger for 10 (ten) minutes. If the Passenger does not reach the designated point with his luggage at the end of 10 (ten) minutes, the vehicle is not obliged to wait any longer. The time notices of's operations, call center and drivers will be binding on the parties.
4.13 In case of not writing the flight number, delays or waiting for more than 1 (one) hour for any reason, will no longer have to wait for a vehicle at the airport. In shared transfers, transfers are made by according to convenient time and vehicle availability. In VIP service, the appropriate vehicle is allocated by and the service is performed.
4.14. Agreements and campaign conditions with contracted companies will be valid. is responsible for ensuring that vehicles arrive at their service locations at the promised time to the Passenger. If the vehicle in question cannot go to the approved job due to a problem originating from, the service will be provided by a second vehicle at no additional charge to the Passenger. In the event that the second vehicle cannot reach the Passenger's address on time or the Passenger does not arrive on time with the second vehicle, all alternative transportation expenses required for the Passenger to reach the airport will be borne by In cases where the passenger has to use another means of transportation (eg, commercial taxi, public transportation vehicles, his own vehicle), the service will be provided again free of charge at the time the passenger wishes, or the amount paid for the service (in return for a document) will be refunded to the credit card without any deduction. will be. will only cover the transfer loss incurred for the airport transfer of the Passenger, in case the customer misses their flight due to defective service. This loss cannot exceed 200 (two hundred) USD under any circumstances.
4.15. At the transfer point, the vehicle driver is not obliged to leave the vehicle and accompany the passenger to the vehicle or her home.
4.16. Children under the age of 16 will not be transferred without adult accompanying or parental consent.
4.17. In shared transfers, if wheelchair transfer is requested with the passenger to be transferred, this should be stated by the passenger at the time of booking. Otherwise, the Passenger will be responsible for any damages that may arise and/or arise due to any delay and/or the Passenger's inability to board the vehicle. Passengers with physical disabilities who are in a position to meet their personal needs can travel alone, without accompanying persons. However, the Passenger who cannot meet his personal needs can be transferred with a companion. Necessary reservations must be made for this accompanying person and the fee must be paid.
4.18. In the online ticket purchase with your credit card, an additional transaction fee may be charged to your ticket fee by your bank. For detailed information, the passenger should contact his bank.
5.1. In case the times specified in this Agreement pass and/or the conditions are not met, the right of cancellation cannot be used and will not refund the fee.
5.2 If you have received your reservation from's website, mobile application or call center, you can make changes and cancellations 12 hours in advance through any of the online sales channels or the call center with your REF (Reference) Code (RESERVATION NUMBER) and identity information. You can get your full payment back without interruption. .
5.3. will not have any responsibility in case the Passenger does not comply with the obligations in this Agreement and/or if the reservation is canceled due to any fault and/or negligence of the Passenger and/or in the event that he/she does not receive the service. For this reason, all legal rights of, other than the collection of service fee, are reserved.
5.4 has the right to keep the transaction amounts until the date of the Member's approval for the Payment Transaction, in case of Suspicious Transactions and in case of notification by the User or System Partner, especially in the following cases. Payments will not be processed definitively if the suspicious situation is finalized provided that it is documented.
– If there is any doubt that the Payment Transaction is not in compliance with the legal provisions,
If there is a suspicion that the Payment Transaction was made without the knowledge of the holder of the credit card used in the Payment Transaction,
– If there is a suspicion that the Payment Transaction was made without the knowledge of the bank account holder used in the Payment Transaction,
– If there is any doubt that the Payment Transaction is not an actual Payment Transaction (except for tests).
5.5. Rules to be followed while traveling with;
-Do not take alcohol and drugs while traveling in the vehicle
-Avoiding actions that may distract the driver
-Not speaking loudly in the vehicle
5.6 This Agreement will be governed by the Laws of the TURKEY  Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes arising from the interpretation and application of this Agreement between the Parties.