Security & Privacy Policy

The security and confidentiality of our customers' information is a priority in our virtual store. At this point, the most important measures we take are SSL and Virtual POS (VPOS).

SSL is a technology that encrypts the data flow on the internet with mathematical algorithms that are very difficult to analyze (these passwords change during each data flow) and verify the real identity information of the party that provides secure data communication. 128/256 bit SSL certificates are used on our site. Our website automatically activates the security system during your shopping payments. If the address of the page you are on starts with "https: //" and a lock icon appears in the lower right corner of your web browser window, you can tell that the security system is active. When this system is active, all your information you enter through the forms on our site is transmitted in encrypted form, which prevents external threats from accessing this data transfer.

Virtual POS (VPOS) is used for "security of credit card information", which is the most sensitive issue in online shopping. The card information you enter in this system is directly transmitted to the bank via the encrypted SSL channel mentioned above, it is approved by the bank system and our website can complete your shopping when it receives this approval from the bank. Your credit card information is never transmitted to any institution other than your bank.

SSL and Virtual POS (VPOS) technologies work together to ensure the security and confidentiality of our valued customers' information. During and after the transaction on our site, all of your credit card information is never recorded.All information is automatically deleted at the end of the process.
The personal information you provide while you book on will never be shared with third parties or companies outside of lstanbul Hotel Shuttle.